The name of the village means something like beautiful lump. A remarkable name because the village which is situated on top of a hill, with a beautiful view all around.
Next to the church you’ll find the village square with the ‘mairie’ and the Café-restaurant ‘La Poutre’. At ‘La Poutre’ you can go for ‘un ballon rouge’ or a ‘café’ and in the evenings for a simple 6 course menu.
Next to ‘La Poutre’, the tennis court with free entrance for villagers can be found.
In August the square is home to the annual village feasts, where everyone comes together to eat, drink and dance. Shopping can be done at the many local markets but there are many well assorted big supermarkets nearby.
The environment is sloping and afforested, very nice for walks and perfect for a mountainbike tour. From the house you walk straight into the countryside and are minutes away from the woods. Lovers of big hikes and mountainbike tours however, will find the clearly defined maps from the nearby tourist office helpful.